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Poco Tivio

Poco Tivio confirmation shot

The great bay stallion carried on the great cutting horse sire tradition started by his father, Poco Bueno.

Photo by James Cathey

Sired by Poco Bueno and bred by the Waggoner Ranch, near Vernon, Tex., this 1947 bay stallion continued the great cutting horse tradition started by his father. During his career, Poco Tivio had several owners, including Don Dodge, who was living in Sacramento, California. Don showed the horse in cutting, as well as in halter and in reining.

In both 1951 and ’52, Poco Tivio placed fifth in the NCHA world championship standings, and in ’52 he also earned his AQHA Championship. He won a total of 12 halter points and 19 AQHA reining points.

PocoTivio pedigree

As a cutting horse, this bay stud showed an incredible amount of “cow.” Writing in his column titled “Cow Cuttin'” (WH, March ’54), Bob Sutherland described one incident that happened at the Amarillo cutting in 1952. Poco Tivio was being ridden by Chester Cook, of Merced, Calif., who was described by Sutherland as “a capable trainer and rider.” But evidently he was no match for Poco Tivio ‘s lightning-quick moves, because at one point the horse turned right out from under Cook, leaving him standing on his own two feet in the arena while Tivio continued to work a yearling heifer trying to get back to the herd.

In 1954, Poco Tivio was purchased by Charles Araujo and Lyle Christie of Coalinga, Calif., and still later, by Floyd Boss, of Fresno, California. Tivio sired 10 AQHA Champions, 3 Superior western pleasure horses, 3 Superior cutting horses, and 25 horses that earned their show ROMs.

This article was originally published  in the March 1990 issue Western Horseman.

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