Self-described fashion expert Shawn Williams gives convincing reasons to shotgun your boots. Tucking your jeans in your boot tops is more than just a fashion statement.

Is tucking your jeans in your boots the practice of fashion-conscious cowpunchers? Well of course it is. But there are also practical reasons to “shotgun” your boots when you’re logging hard miles in the saddle every day, says cowboy fashion guru Shawn Williams.

First off, it keeps your pant legs from riding up your to your knees when you’re riding across the range. Stirrup fenders have a way of making denim rise and bunch up, and that can cause some significant discomfort. If instead your boot tops are in contact with your stirrups, the bottoms of your jeans stay in place, and they’re also protected from thorny brush, barbed wire and horse sweat.

If you’re wearing step-in leggin’s, like any good cowpuncher would do, your shotgunned boots will slip into those chaps like butter on a hot biscuit. Williams adds that shotgunning your boots is a good idea for anyone wishing to make a bold, cowboy fashion statement. It’s like someone putting on a captivatingly elegant pearl snap shirt and claiming that the color is called Victorian alabaster.

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