Shawn Williams demonstrates some savvy branding pen techniques, once again wearing another eye-popping, jaw-dropping, pearl snap shirt.

Working in the branding pen requires a wide range of skills. Any good cowboy knows how to ride quiet into the herd, lay a trap with his loop that catches two hind feet, work the ground with cat-like reflexes, and snap on a pearl snap that complements the work at hand.

That’s right. Savvy cowpunchers pull out their pinstripes when working Hereford calves. And of course, a plaid with a driftwood base and frost undertones flows well when branding angus calves. At least this is what Western fashion “expert” Shawn Williams claims.

In the following video, Williams demonstrates his tried-and-true branding techniques, and for sure he has on another gorgeous pearl snap shirt. The rest of the crew, well, it doesn’t seem that they really give a dang. 

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