Whitney Hall earned her spot on the January cover because she is a great cowgirl. Recently, she reminded us why she deserved the cover by winning World’s Greatest Horsewoman.

Working on the “She Bad” feature story was fun for many reasons. The whole issue was exciting to work on; it was the first issue of the new WH redesign and it was an all-women issue. So from the get-go I was pumped to be a part of it.

Fine art photographer Constance Jaeggi agreed to shoot the feature. The WH staff had been crossing our fingers that we could get her onboard, and once she said yes we knew our cover would be in good hands with Constance behind the camera.

Many things continued to fall into place for the feature, things that made us feel like we were headed for success. That’s not always the case when a project involves coordinating the schedules of 10 busy women during the hectic show, rodeo and business season before the holidays.

The neatest thing was selecting Whitney Hall to be on the cover of this special Cool to be Cowgirl issue.

Whitney’s photo was a perfect fit for our front page. More importantly, WHITNEY was the perfect fit. You know how Western Horseman says, “It’s Cool to be Cowgirl”? Well, Whitney is authentic, living proof of that saying. Whitney is cool because she is proud of her belief in her God; because she loves her family and makes sure they know it; because she respects her animals—horses and cattle alike. She is cool because she works hard to achieve her goals. And, dang, that girl can ride a horse, read a cow and handle a rope. cowgirl things.

Truly, Whitney embodies what makes it cool to be cowgirl. And it showed when Whitney went to Arizona in January for the Art of the Cowgirl event.

Together with God, her family and her horse J Noble Daggett, Whitney perfectly displayed her talent in the saddle. She was named the World’s Greatest Horsewoman.

When we saw Whitney win, well, you can bet that each Western Horseman staff member smiled. And in my head, I said, “Dang that girl is cool. Dang, she is cowgirl.”

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