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Color Cooperation

Color Cooperation

Color Cooperation

by Ross Hecox

I pulled into Dick Pieper’s training facility in Marietta, Oklahoma, and the seasoned horseman had all three horses ready for photos. I had called him a few days before with an idea: photograph a Paint, Appaloosa and Quarter Horse together. Pieper is one of the few people I know who has all three, and they are all quality individuals.

Pieper knew that his horses, not himself, would be the stars in this photo shoot. Nevertheless, he was more than happy to have the colorful trio bathed, clipped and bridled up for a quick photo shoot. The three horses cooperated for the shoot, standing three abreast with little bickering, swiveling their ears, looking alert and remaining still for the stranger lying down on the ground, clicking his camera.

The shoot was a success, providing an ideal photo for the October feature entitled “The New Normal.” It also served as perfect reference material for Western Horseman Art Director Ron Bonge, who created the mixed-media artwork, Ranch Raised, that made for a one-of-a-kind October issue cover.

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