Road Stories

My Professional Passion: From an Editor’s Perspective

two men riding horses with mountains in the background

In my 20-plus year career as a writer and photographer of horses and the Western lifestyle I’ve had the privilege to ride with and write about several renowned horsemen, and I’ve attended my share of high-profile industry events. I find the most satisfaction, however, in writing stories while sipping coffee on a counter stool at a quirky cowtown cafe, and documenting grassroots events with colorful displays of cowboy culture and different styles of horsemanship. I thrive on driving down dirt roads, miles from the nearest town or interstate, meeting cowboys, cowgirls and ranch families nestled in a sea of sagebrush and contently living off the grid. I seek the hidden horseman who develops a horse’s confidence through patience, a soft feel and a steady job. I monitor the progress of emerging Western artists and craftsmen in hope of someday featuring their work on the pages of Western Horseman, and helping launch their careers in traditional trades. This is my personality and my professional passion, and it’s why I’m proud to be part of the timeless Western Horseman brand.”

–Jennifer Denison, senior editor

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