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The Best Models

The Best Models

 The Best ModelsThese two stick horses were the most cooperative models for Western Horseman’s Christmas gift guide photo shoot.

by Katie Frank

It is my firm belief that some animals know when their picture is being taken. Before the flash goes off, their ears automatically perk up and their eyes are wide open and bright. These animals are natural models and a photographer’s dream.

Then there are the other less-photogenic types…

No matter what you do or how fast the shutter speed is, every shot features a dog or horse with its eyes closed and ears flat out, a testament to their boredom. I’ve been on too many photo shoots in which crinkling wrappers, waving hay and shaking a tasty bucket of grain does nothing to entice the stubborn subjects. “Getting ears,” as we call it here at the magazine, is tough work.

In Western Horseman’s Christmas gift guide, which appeared in the November issue, I tackled shooting images of more than 25 products. It was no easy feat, and my four-legged models didn’t make it any easier. One of them, my 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, was particularly difficult.

“Roca” is a typical heeler and is glued to my side. So attempting to pose him long enough for me to slowly back up, focus the camera, and take a shot was trying for the both of us. In my eyes, he is the most handsome dog I’ve ever seen. The camera doesn’t seem to agree.

After several attempts, here were some of the results:

Te Best Models

The Best Models

The Best Models


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