Kendra Santos gets an inside take from the founders of the WCRA on the organization’s mission and how they continue to strive to make rodeo better for athletes all around the country.

“I think people have a misconception that pros get up and put their pants on different than they do, or that they started somewhere different. They don’t. Everyone started at the bottom. But it’s a lot easier for people to identify with Tacy Kay Webb who’s an ICU nurse, who works at a hospital and breakaway ropes when she can. This program works perfectly for her. Or Trey Johnson who is a minister who has a higher calling, but loves to team rope and is really good at it and has a chance to qualify through jackpots wherever he’s going and come here and prove how good he is.”

World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA) exists to make rodeo better for rodeo…for all of the industry. An innovative platform, the WCRA format allows anyone — no matter what association they belong to — the opportunity in a short period of time to qualify for a big event and a large payout. The WCRA has paid nearly $11 million in new money in the first three and a half years of its existence.

Kendra Santos got to the heart of the matter with the founders of the WCRA: Bobby Mote, Scott Davis and Sean Gleason — three moguls dedicated to seeing that rodeo athletes get what they deserve.

“We just wake up every single day trying to figure out the best way to grow rodeo today,” says WCRA Vice President Scott Davis. “Everybody that works for us loves the sport of rodeo.”

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