Dale Brisby Saddles His Horse

Dale Brisby leaning up against horse trailer

Self-professed “super puncher” Dale Brisby shows us the best way to saddle a sure-nuff cow pony, and swears we will look cowboy cool in the process.

It might sound like a simple task that doesn’t need too much explanation. But saddling your horse must be done properly. Now, while most horsemen and cowboys would point out position, cinch tightness, and certain safety precautions, Dale Brisby spins off on a totally different direction: how to look cowboy cool.

Here, Brisby talks mostly about the accessories that go with the saddle of a “super puncher,” such as the saddle pad, hobbles, way-too-long tie-strings, shackles and a quirt. He also breaks out his rope, leggins’ and holey work gloves (even if they’re not his own). He details the value of having a pair of oxbow stirrups and stove-top boots, just in case anyone might doubt if you’re a legit cowboy.

Now, while Brisby talks on and on about saddling his “ranch bronc,” you may notice that he mentions “his friends at Western Horseman” asked him to teach you a few things. Well, you might also take note that we did not place this video under the Horsemanship tab, or categorize this in any way as helpful information. Just something to keep in mind, ol’ son.

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