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Palo Duro Canyon: The Bigger Picture

Palo Duro Canyon can seem larger in life when visited in person.
In the Texas Panhandle, Palo Duro Canyon is a beautiful site for hikers and riders.

Despite visiting Palo Duro Canyon several times in recent years, this place in the Texas Panhandle always has a surprising effect on me. The canyon is the second-largest in the United States (next to the Grand Canyon), and it is rich with Western history, from famous Comanche battles to the legendary JA Ranch established by John Adair and legendary cattle baron Charles Goodnight. Considering the incredible historic events that have taken place there, and gazing upon the steep, colorful canyon walls, I can’t help but feel small, kind of like the two riders in this photo. But recognizing that your surroundings are so much bigger than you and your agenda is a good thing. It helps minimize the small things in life that sometimes feel more significant than they really are, and appreciate the bigger picture. It’s funny how one of the biggest “ditches” in the country can pull me out of a mental rut.

2 thoughts on “Palo Duro Canyon: The Bigger Picture”

  1. Ross,
    I really enjoy the pictures and stories from the big ranches. Being an old stove up cowboy myself it
    kind of gives me a mental get away. And it’s always good to see the life still thrives. LONG LIVE COWBOY!
    Happy trails,
    Dave T.


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