Horseman’s Scrapbook Re-launch

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Western Horseman brings back one of the magazine’s most popular sections.

Every horseman appreciates practicality. It saves hassle, worry and ultimately time. To celebrate 80 years of publication, Western Horseman is bringing back one of its most popular sections that centers around useful tips and techniques that can be applied in the saddle, around the ranch or on the trail.

In January 1953, horseman and illustrator Randy Steffen started a section in Western Horseman called Handy Hints. The column, which had several different names over the years, was so popular it was eventually compiled into a three-volume book called Horseman’s Scrapbook. From trailering tips to training methods, Steffen explained and illustrated ideas of his own plus those sent in by fellow horsemen.

In The Revised Horseman’s Scrapbook by Randy Steffen, he explains, “There are three ways to repair broken reins or straps, temporarily. A saddle-making friend of mine in California uses these methods to make neat and flat repairs in a hurry. A shows how the ‘grass knot’ is started and B shows how it appears when snugged up. C is called a ‘buckle knot’ and is used at times by packers with an eye splice in a rope. D is what my friend calls the ‘Mexican special,’ and it is well-known throughout the cow and horse country.”

Starting in the January 2016 issue under the name Scrapbook, Western Horseman will periodically share a classic hint from one of Steffen’s books, plus a couple of new ideas submitted by readers or gathered by Western Horseman staff as they visit with ranchers and trainers across the country.

Share your handy hints by emailing them to [email protected], with “Scrapbook” in the subject line. Please include photos when necessary.

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  1. Just looking for more content. The magazine used to be full of articles and stories it took a month to get through. Now I’m done in a week.


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