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Glenn Moreland Sings a Cowboy Classic

Glenn Moreland cooks off a chuckwagon

Wagonsmith, camp cook and cowboy entertainer Glenn Moreland shares his rendition of the song “Colorado Trail.”

Glenn Moreland is a versatile cowboy. He can refurbish chuckwagons, cook for a crew and entertain a crowd with his music and quick, wry humor.

Growing up in Manchaca, Texas, he developed an interest in cowboy songs and learned to play the fiddle and guitar. Through the years, he added traditional cowboy songs to his repertoir and learned some of the history of the songs.

Glenn Moreland performs “California Trail.”

While working on ranches in West Texas, he not only entertained ranch hands with his musical and story-telling talents, but he also became a sought-after and award-winning cook with his chuckwagon. He and his wife, Patty, own and operate Moreland Wagon Shop in Fort Davis, Texas, with his wife, Patty, where they builds chuckwagons, make custom branding irons, caters ranch brandings and other special events, and Moreland entertains everyone with his songs and cowboy stories. He’s performed not only at ranch gatherings, but also at cowboy poetry and music festivals throughout the West.

In the July 2021 issue of Western Horseman, Moreland shared his recipe for Camp Potatoes. During Western Horseman’s visit with Moreland he also sang us the traditional cowboy song “Colorado Trail.”

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