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Here’s a quick look at the 2007 National Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductees. The induction took place November 9 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Forth Worth, Texas.

Kalyn Brooks


Known as the “Miracle Barrel Racer,” Kalyn Brooks defied all odds against her physical limitations, living an accomplished life in and outside of the rodeo arena. She was born with numerous birth defects: abnormalities of hands and legs, profound deafness and growth hormone deficiency. However, Brooks’ drive to win kept her going. In her short life, she intensely worked on her barrel racing techniques, became Miss NPRA (Northwest Pro Rodeo Association) in 1997 and continuously traveled the rodeo circuit up and down the West coast. This feisty and ferocious competitor made her last run in 2001 and passed away leaving behind a lasting memory full of tenacious determination.


Nellie Cashman


Nellie Cashman, an Irish-born pioneer, secured her place in American history as one of the few female business-owners in the arduous American West. Cashman owned and operated boarding houses and restaurants throughout her life, from Alaska to Arizona, miners had restful quarters and good meals thanks to her. As a philanthropist, she started hospitals and handed out free meals to destitute prospectors. Her unwavering commitment to the mining community led her to fund and lead a 77-day rescue operation through the snow amassed Cassair Mountains in British Columbia where a group of miners were stranded by severe weather earning her the nickname “Miner’s Angel.”


Terry Stuart Forst

Terry Stuart Forst, a rancher and innovator, manages the oldest family ranch in Oklahoma – the 7S Stuart Ranch. Under her leadership, her family’s ranch has become one of the most profitable ranches in the Southwest, one of the best North American Quarter Horse ranches in the nation and earned the AQHA Best Remuda Award in 1995. Terry turned the ranch around by making radical changes in the cattle operations which dynamically impacted the ranch’s bottom line. She graduated first in her class from Texas Christian University’s Ranch Management Program and serves on numerous industry boards giving insight and leadership to the ranching industry.

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Donna Howell-Sickles

In the Western art genre, Donna Howell-Sickles has taken the image and idea of the cowgirl beyond charcoal lines and into reality. Donna has been exploring the layers beneath the cowgirl’s engaging exterior for more than 30 years. A vintage postcard featuring a cowgirl with ruby red lips atop her horse instilled in Donna a fascination with the cowgirl spirit. The cowgirl was at once both familiar and unreal. This dichotomy is the idea that has fueled Donna’s artwork, and inspired her to create images of women that are both real and myth. Donna’s artwork encapsulates the camaraderie and the timelessness of the cowgirl spirit.


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