When you’re bedding down on the ground at night, out on the range, here’s a good old-fashioned hint on how to keep from finding “surprises” in your boots the next morning.

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Ever since trail-driving days, cowboys have enlivened the campfire with conversations about various varmints that’ve crawled into their boots at night seeking warmth. The usual tales range from scorpions to tarantulas to red snakes – and it’s a real greenhorn who pulls on his boots in the morning without turning them upside down and thumping the soles a time or two.

This old method cuts down on your chances of having company in your boots when you pull them on. When you take them off at night, simply stuff the top of one boot inside the other. Even with this precaution, most old-timers will still turn ’em over and thump ’em before slipping their feet down inside.

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