The ‘Wit & Wisdom’ Series Offers Big Laughs

Wit and Wisdom books stacked

Four small volumes of quotations help cowboys, cowgirls and ranchers find humor in life.

Four books in Wit and Widsom series
Wit & Wisdom Series | Hardcover | 240 pages each |Release Date: March 2019 | Publisher: Gibbs Smith | $12.99 each | or other online booksellers

“To know the total of the herd, count the hooves and divide by four.” –Excerpt from A Rancher’s Guide to Life

Whether its humor, advice, a quick read, a gift or words to ponder that you’re looking for, the books in the Wit & Wisdom Series are sure to fit the bill.

The four small volumes (just 5 by 5 inches each)—A Cowboy’s Guide to Life, The Cowgirl’s Guide to Life, A Rancher’s Guide to Life and Cowfolk’s Guide to Getting Older—surely will entertain readers of all ages.

A disclaimer at the beginning of each book states: “The quotations in this book come from a mixture of lore and experience.” Some will be familiar (“If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.”), while others might be a surprise. Most are humorous, but a few are more philosophical (“The bridges that you cross before you come to them are usually over rivers that aren’t there.”).

Whether you’re a cowboy or cowgirl, a rancher, or just a person who appreciates the Western lifestyle and the humor that goes along with it, you’ll get a kick out of these little books and likely want to give a few to friends and family.

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