The same equipment you use to exercise your horse can also be utilized to train your dog into a well-behaved, savvy barn dog.

Most horse owners already own a longe line and a longe whip, says dog trainer Peggy Chisholm. Chisholm, who teaches at the local Petsmart in Weatherford, Texas, is also an avid rider. She says dog owners can use the two pieces of equipment to encourage a well-mannered barn dog.

In the video below, Chisholm uses a longe line and a longe whip with a dog toy attached to the end, to train her dog, Copper, to listen and show patience before letting it off-leash around livestock.

Chisholm teaches a variety of dog training classes at Petsmart, and  completed an accredition program through them. Her expertise includes basic obedience, agility and therapy dog training. She lives in Weatherford, Texas, with her husband, cutting horse trainer Ian Chisholm.


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