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Dale Brisby Bit Talk, Part 2

Super puncher Dale Brisby talks about bits and how to put a bit in a horse's mouth.

The “coolest of the cool” cowboys Dale Brisby demonstrates how he puts a bit in his horse’s mouth.

Following his unique perspective on what bit to use in a horse’s mouth, super puncher Dale Brisby shows how he puts a bit in his horse’s mouth.

“Put your curb, slobber, chain thingy kind of back,” Brisby starts (he’s talking about the curb strap). “Put your fingers on there, and you’re just going to force it in. Force it up in there. You can reach up there and make sure it’s in the right spot, between the molars and the wolf tooth.”

Boone, Brisby’s 20-year-old “bronc,” stands with a quiet eye and a willing attitude. The horse doesn’t look like the type you have to “force” anything. Whether he’s loading Boone in a trailer or working in the branding pen, Boone seems like the perfect ranch horse.

“I know I’m talking way over your head, because you don’t know all this — I do,” Brisby continues. “I know everything. I’m the coolest of the cool cowboys.”

The self-proclaimed cool cowboy lets go of the headstall, and Boone opens his mouth, dropping the entire bridle on the ground. Brisby has an explanation for that, of course.

“He opened his mouth because when I take it off him, he’s used to me just ripping it off his face. That’s how you’re going to want to do that.”

After slipping the bit back in Boone’s mouth, Brisby explains how to fit the rest of the headstall.

“You don’t really need the split ear thing, it can go behind the ear . . . or over it —either one,” he says.

For being a super puncher, Brisby doesn’t have much work to do. He wraps up by asking someone to untack his horse because he “doesn’t really need him today.”

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