Packers, outfitters, trail riders and others often must lead a horse while riding another one. Here’s a safe, easy way to do so.

1.Tie the unridden horse to a mount that won’t kick. Slide your hand down the tail of the horse to which you’re tying, until you feel the end of the tailbone.

2.Hold the lead rope of the rear horse with your left hand and the tail with your right hand. Then, place the rope under the tailbone and fold the tail under itself, over the rope.

3.Wrap the lead rope three times around the tail, next to the tailbone, in a clockwise motion.

4.Place the free end of the rope under your wraps and pull tightly. Don’t leave so much lead-rope slack that the lead horse will step over it. The rope should hang no lower than the hock of the lead horse to prevent him from getting tangled.

Tied in this manner, horses easily follow each other. Plus, you can quickly untie the tail wrap when you’re finished. If you’re leading several horses, tie mares to mares and geldings to geldings to avoid an accident.

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