The Royal Trailer Treatment


A rare look inside Roy Rogers’ de luxe trailer.

It’s easy to get lost in the archival photos at Western Horseman’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Among the mesmerizing photos were some of Roy Rogers, his trailer and horses. The images originally appeared in the October 1959 issue in an article called “Trailer De Luxe,” and described the ins and outs of the plush, living-quarter trailer.

“The trailer interior is paneled in combed mahogany throughout, and the exterior is of modern streamlined design finished in blue and cream colors with chrome trim,” says author Vivian H. Whitlock, or “Ol’ Waddy” as he was referred to in the magazine. Here are the photos that appeared in the story, with their original captions.

Roy shows off the three padded stalls for horses in the trailer.
Driver and groom have de luxe living quarters in stainless steel.
The trailer has loading ramps on either side as demonstrated by Roy Rogers and Trigger. The de luxe trailer, 35 feet long and 11 feet high, pulled by a Burma Road type truck carries a sign on the side stating, Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys; Trigger and Trigger Jr., The Smartest Horses in the Movies.

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