It’s the end of our historic print publication’s 85th year, and we are excited to announce monumental changes coming in 2022.

Western Horseman has a long history of pioneering uncharted territory, setting standards, challenging stereotypes, honoring traditions—always in pursuit of greater horsemanship for its readers. With guidance from William S. “Billy” Morris III and the Morris family, we felt it necessary to make a few changes to this legendary brand, bring forth key elements from our archives and move our brand into its next phase of life.

Western Horseman played an integral role in the formation of various breed associations and registries, and today it remains a trusted authority on sound horsemanship practices, cowboy culture, ranching traditions, rodeo and so much more. We feel a duty and obligation to continue to push the bounds to better appreciate the horses we ride, the fans who support us and the Western way of life that we treasure so deeply.

After months of analyzing, strategizing and pouring over 85 years of archives, along with some dirt, sweat and even a few tears—we’re unveiling the new Western Horseman to our Western Horseman family. Along for the ride and wrangling us along the way was TJ Tucker. The award-winning creative director, whose roots run deep in ranching and the horse industry, helped us revise and craft the new look, page by page.

Starting with the cover, you’ll notice our iconic Western Horseman masthead, tipping our hat to the past with that “tall in the saddle” font used back in the 1940s. Surrounded by a field of warm yellow, it should be familiar to those of us alive in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, and its uncluttered appearance allows your eyes to sink deeply into the image being portrayed. We’ve heard you want more, so you’ll find more editorial pages, about 30 percent more—along with heavier paper stock (when supply chains catch up). We call it thud factor. We’ve lasered in on making the text more legible, opening up more white space and turning up the heat on our photography, allowing readers to be surprised and delighted with every turn of the page.

We’re hoping our fresh look, clean lines, easy-to-read feature stories, and breathtaking photography all carry an aesthetically pleasing issue to enjoy and help remind you exactly why you’ve treasured your Western Horseman magazines all these years.

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  1. I was scared to death there for a moment that you were going to say it was the end of the print edition.

    Thank goodness that wasn’t the case.

  2. Damon Lovett Reply

    Good for you. I’d just be happy to get my subscription consistently. I’m paid up for 2 years and haven’t seen an issue in the mail since January and cant reach anyone at WH

  3. Love the revised / throwback look & feel. Definitely one of my favorite magazines, thank you for continuing to showcase western life and good values.

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