Want a career working with horses? Think outside the box with these jobs—and the schools to help you get there.

If you want to spend your working life in the equine or ranching industry, specialized education can be helpful. Both classroom and hands-on experiences are key to getting a foundational level of knowledge before stepping into the workforce. If you’re curious about what kinds of jobs are available in the horse world, we’ve listed just 25 of the most well-known careers below. If you’re looking for a ranching or equine educational course or degree, we’ve also highlighted several that can help you start your career journey.

Twenty-Five Popular Horse Jobs:

  1. Guest ranch host: Welcomes visitors to an equine vacation destination and ensures their experience is smooth and enjoyable.
  2. X-ray technician: A medical position specializing in taking equine radiographs.
  3. Riding instructor: Gives students guidance on horsemanship techniques and proper horse care.
  4. Photographer: A professional photographer specializing in capturing images of horses or equine events.
  5. Author: A writer specializing in creating books geared toward horse enthusiasts to either inform or entertain.
  6. Massage therapist: A professional skilled in aiding equine health and wellness with massage techniques.
  7. Association youth director: Connects children and teens with an equine enthusiast community though events and other campaigns.
  8. Farrier: A farrier cares for equine hooves by assessing, trimming, shoeing and doing other maintenance.
  9. Marketing director: Marketing is a communications career focused on promoting horse associations, businesses or events.
  10. Veterinary technician: Works directly with an equine veterinarian, providing skilled assistance in handling the horse during procedures, examinations and follow-up care.
  11. Farm manager: Responsible for running a farm or ranch operation, including care of fields, hay, livestock and horses.
  12. Event coordinator: Produces equine events, rodeos, clinics and other activities.
  13. Nutritionist: Works with feed companies or training programs to improve the diet offered to horses.
  14. Mounted police officer: Police officer working in a specialty unit riding horses to deter crime or provide crowd control.
  15. Sales representative: A sales position focused on equine products, feed, advertising, pharmaceuticals or insurance policies.
  16. Geneticist: A scientist that specializes in the study of equine genetics.
  17. Auctioneer: Plays an integral part in the equine sale process.
  18. Horse show judge: Evaluates horses in competition against breed or association standards.
  19. Equine journalist: A communications expert covering topics that affect the horse world for print, web, social media or other mediums.
  20. Extension agent: Offers science-based information to the public and horse owners to help them care for their animals.
  21. Stallion/breeding manager: An expert on safely and successfully breeding horses and caring for mares and stallions at every step of the reproductive process.
  22. Veterinarian: A licensed animal medical professional specializing in equine health care.
  23. Association executive director: Leads the direction and operation of equine-focused organizations.
  24. Trainer: A horse trainer is skilled at starting, training and showing horses, and some trainers also coach riders.
  25. Cowboy: Helps with horseback ranching operations, including gathering, doctoring, feeding and managing cattle, and not excluding the repair of fences and equipment.
25 popular jobs with horses.
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