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August Western Preview


Here’s a quick look at some handy items that any horseman could put to use. These items have not been tested by the Western Horseman staff. These are simply press releases about new items on the market.

ImageThe makers of Probios Equine One Oral Gels say their product is designed to show positive effects on feed intake, weight gain and recovery from illness.

The direct-fed microbial gels are used to provide beneficial bacteria to horses and foals suffering from diarrhea, or the effects of worming, dietary changes, antibiotic therapy, environmental changes, colic or traveling. The gel comes in a convenient dial-a-dose syringe that allows you to dispense the correct amount for adult horses or foals.

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ImageLining up the toe of a shoe with the horse’s toe just got a little easier thanks to Shoe-Tru.

Shoe-Tru’s magnetic toe clip allows you to keep the toe of the shoe in line with toe of the hoof until the first two nails are set. The clip fits all steel shoes and allows proper, professional alignment every time. The Shoe-Tru also works with natural-balance shoes and can be set in varying positions to accommodate special needs.

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ImageThe Wound and Trauma Bandage Pak from America’s Acres provides supplies for emergency or everyday bandaging situations.

The pack has bandages for both large and small injuries, and offers the convenience of having a number of bandages at your fingertips in a sealed bag. The sterile bandages are of the same quality as those used at veterinarian hospitals, and the pack is an ideal size for keeping in the barn, the horse trailer, or even a saddlebag while out on the trail.

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ImageA new equine tool has joined FURminator Inc.’s line of deshedding products. The FURminator Equine Tool is designed to remove a horse’s winter coat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the topcoat.

According to a company press release, regular grooming with the Equine Tool stimulates circulation, as well as brings out the natural oils to promote healthy, shiny hair.

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ImageA new Ariat International clothing line for boys will hit store shelves this fall.

The Boys’ Apparel Collection draws from the most popular styles in the company’s men’s collection and interprets them for a younger audience. The collection includes the water-resistant Cottonwood Jacket and the Creekside Reversible Vest, as well as woven shirts and a belt line that coordinates with the company’s performance boots.

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ImageSpirit Industries has developed the Hayrak system to be the first fully modular hay transport and storage system.

Hayrak is a powder-coated, all-aluminum system featuring a telescoping design that fits virtually every make of horse trailer, and is useful when transporting hay, as well as generators, water tanks and other items. The telescoping design allows the system to accommodate trailers ranging from six feet to more than eight feet in width. The system mounts to the sides, where trailers tend to be sturdier.

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