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Does Your Horse Have a Healthy Gut?

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Today’s performance horses are challenged with a multitude of stressors, including exercise, hauling, and stall confinement. Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) and gastric discomfort affect an estimated 50 to 90% of all performance horses. This man-made condition is a product of stress, reduced forage intake, intermittent feeding, confinement, and/or high starch diets. But, through dietary modifications, owners can help improve the gastric environment, thereby decreasing the risk of gastric discomfort/ ulcers in their horses.

Horses with continual access to pasture have a decreased risk of EGUS when compared to their stalled, meal-fed counterparts. If confinement is required, provide free access to a high-quality, long-stem forage. When compared to a concentrate, forages produce twice as much saliva, helping protect the stomach and buffer gastric acid. Forage type is also an important consideration.  Alfalfa has a greater buffering capacity when compared to grasses.

If possible, decrease the starch content of the diet. Starch can further decrease gastric pH while producing volatile fatty acids, which can damage the mucosa. If extra calories are needed, use fats such as soybean oil, stabilized rice bran or HEALTHY GLO.

ADM’s Forage First® Equine Nutrition is excited to now offer owners another invaluable tool to help support a healthy stomach, Forage First GS. Forage First GS delivers a unique triple action formula, including a proprietary mineral complex, lecithin, and pectin. The proprietary mineral complex provides marine-derived calcium and magnesium contained in a unique honeycomb structure which acts as a strong buffer, helping neutralize gastric acid. Lecithin, a naturally occurring compound containing phospholipids, can interact with the gastric mucosa, helping strengthen the lining of the stomach. Pectin, a water-soluble fiber, can help increase the viscosity of the stomach contents which may help further protect gastric mucosa. These are combined together with alfalfa meal (first ingredient), elevated Zinc and Vitamin E and Yeast in an easy to feed pellet. With a feeding rate of 1/3 pound 3-4 times a day. Forage First GS, your solution to gastric issues for your partner inside and outside the arena, on the trail, or in the show pen. Feed the best to the one you love the most.

If you have questions or are interested in more details about ADM’s Forage First GS or any of the products in ADM’s Forage First line up, find us on Facebook (ADM Animal Nutrition – Horse Feeds) or You can also send us an email ([email protected]) or call at (800) 680-8254. Our sales team and Ph.D. nutritionists are happy to help answer any nutrition questions you may have.

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