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Lighten your workload with this lineup of 20 products built to make chores easier and less time-consuming.

From ATVs to manure spreaders, waterers, misters, and gate openers. Read on for more information on each, including options, pricing and where to buy.

Lighten your workload with this lineup of 20 products built to make chores easier and less time-consuming.

1. Kawasaki Prairie 360
The air-cooled, four-stroke, automatic Prairie 360 features a towing capability of 1,100 pounds, a combined cargo-carrying capacity of 242 pounds, and selectable four-wheel-drive. A lever-activated, variable front differential control,  which transfers power equally to both wheels, keeps steering light and precise under any condition, and an engine brake provides added stopping power. The sealed, multi-disc rear brake system protects brakes from mud, dust, debris and water. Additional features include a large saddle, full-sized floorboards and adjustable footpegs. Colors include woodsman green, sunbeam red, polar white and camouflage. MSRP $5,199. Kawasaki, (949) 770-0400;

2. Honda Foreman
The FourTrax Foreman 500 FPE features a longitudinally mounted engine, which makes efficient use of power while allowing for a lower center of gravity, lower seat height, increased ground clearance, lighter weight and fewer moving parts. The TraxLok system allows riders to shift between two- and four-wheel-drive as conditions warrant, and the electronic power-steering option aids handling. The torque-sensitive front differential automatically provides light and consistent steering feel and acts as a steering damper to reduce kickback through the handlebars in rough terrain. With a cargo payload of nearly 200 pounds, the electric-shift Foreman is tow-rated at 850 pounds and available in white, red, olive and camouflage. MSRP $7,049. Honda Power Sports, (866) 784-1870;

3. Dirtworks Series Three-Point Hitch
Transform an all-terrain vehicle into a pseudo-tractor with this three-point hitch system from Kolpin Powersports. With a push of a button, the 12-volt actuator lift system raises and lowers implements weighing up to 250 pounds. The system can be used with lightweight, category “0” three-point equipment, as well as a host of Dirtworks Series attachments designed for ATV and UTV use. The unit fits any two-inch, automotive-style receiver. Tool bar and implements sold separately. MSRP $724.49. Kolpin Power Sports, (920) 928-3118;

4. Polaris Sportsman X2
An adjustable seat converts this ATV from a one-person workhorse to a two-person off-road vehicle. The active descent control and engine braking system provide confident control on steep inclines, and electronic fuel injection delivers improved fuel economy without sacrificing performance. The automatic machine’s standard, on-demand all-wheel drive engages all four wheels when additional traction is needed. The Sportsman 500 X2 boasts a 1,225-pound towing capability, a 400-pound carrying capacity dump box, and the Versatrack Turf Mode, which reduces the vehicle’s impact on soft terrain with the flip of a switch. Colors include sage green or Indy red. MSRP $7,999. Polaris Industries, (800) POLARIS,

5. Arctic Cat Diesel
The clean, fuel-efficient Diesel 700, with its twin-cylinder engine, runs on six different kinds of fuel: DF1, DF2, DF, Arctic, JP5, JP8 and up to B20 Bio-diesel. Tow-rated at 1,050 pounds, the unit features hydraulic disc brakes and selectable drive modes, including two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with locking differential. Its standard cargo racks hold up to 300 pounds. Transform the vehicle into a two-seater by removing the racks and replacing them with a seat, or install a heavy-duty cargo box for extra carrying capacity. Available in red or green. MSRP $9,299. Arctic Cat, (218) 681-8558;

6. Suzuki KingQuad
Equipped with a liquid-cooled, electronic fuel-injected engine, the KingQuad 750 AXI promises quick starts, fuel efficiency and plenty of throttle response. The unit’s independent suspension and power-train drive modes—two-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive and front differential-locked four-wheel-drive—let an operator make adjustments for driving conditions. Additional features include a t-shaped seat with a tapered design, full floorboards with mud drain holes, and a fender-mounted 12-volt/120-watt electrical accessory outlet. Available in red or green. MSRP $7,599. American Suzuki Motor Corporation, (800) 828-RIDE;

7. Yamaha Grizzly
Built with a towing capacity of 1,212 pounds and a cargo payload of 287 pounds, the Grizzly 700 FI features electronic fuel injection, all-wheel downhill braking, and push-button drive options for two-wheel-drive, limited-slip four-wheel-drive, and fully locked differential four-wheel-drive. This model includes
electronic power steering and an independent, four-wheel suspension with double-wishbone technology front and rear, and five-way, pre-load-adjustable shocks. Colors include hunter green, steel blue, red and camouflage. MSRP $8,299. Yamaha Motor Corporation, (800) 962-7926;

8. Estate Mighty Spreader
Built to be towed behind a garden tractor, ATV or UTV, this ground-wheel-driven spreader offers 25-bushel capability in a compact, 6-by-2½-foot package. Featuring steel gears and structural members, and pressure-treated lumber, this spreader handles all types of manure, including that mixed with hay and straw. The Model 600 features a 25-year replacement guarantee on treated-lumber floor and sides. MSRP $845. Country Manufacturing, (800) 335-1880;

9. Arena Werks Buggy with Harrow
The Arena Werks rotary harrow can now be pulled behind most pickups, utility vehicles and four-wheelers, thanks to this custom buggy, which features a three-point hitch. The combination can be put to work in pastures and arenas to level and work the dirt, or remove weeds and grass. The model is available in five- to eight-foot widths, with welded teeth. From $1,245 and up. Snodgress Equipment, (800) 644-3724;

10. Loyal Compact Manure Spreader
Featuring heavy-duty, bear-claw beaters to shred and spread all types of manure, shavings, grass clippings and compost, the Loyal can be pulled by most garden tractors, all-terrain or utility vehicles. The ground-driven unit with up-front controls is rated for one to six stalls, or 23 bushels, and has a galvanized box with a powder-coated finish, A-frame hitch design, 48-pound reinforced axle and 36-inch box with flared sides, which aids loading and increases carrying capacity. From $1,795. Roth Manufacturing, (800) 472-2341;

11. Millcreek Model 27 Manure Spreader
A compact manure spreader with a ground-drive mechanism that can be powered by lawn tractors, four-wheelers and utility machines, Millcreek’s Model 27 is narrow enough to pass through four-foot openings, and touts a 22½-bushel carrying capacity. Features and options for this model include steel construction, poly floor, flared sides, heavy-duty beaters, adjustable hitch, powder-coated fi
nish, manual end-gate and urethane-lined sidewalls. Contact Millcreek Manufacturing for current pricing at (800) 311-1323, or visit

12. Next Generation Newer Spreader
This mini-spreader can be maneuvered by hand, and fits behind a golf cart, garden tractor, ATV or UTV. The 11-bushel unit comes with mill-finish aluminum, heavy-duty agitator, spring-loaded, stainless-steel relief panel that allows the spreader to process rocks up to 11⁄2-inches in size, drop-pin hitch, and solid rubber tires. Additional options include a two-inch ball hitch, and an 18-ounce vinyl/poly tarp cover. MSRP $995. Newer Spreader, (866) 626-8732;

13. QFS Automatic Electric Feeder
This automatic feeder, which operates on a standard 110-volt outlet, allows one to five cups of grain to be fed up to 12 times per day. The unit includes a 50-pound capacity container with a dispenser and snap-lock lid, programmable timer, two AA batteries for memory backup, 12-volt transformer and all fittings. Additional power-supply accessories are available, including a 12-volt battery adaptor, normal- and extended-use batteries with adaptors, as well as solar and trickle chargers. MSRP $319.  Quick Feed, (800) 211-4206;

14. Bar-Bar-A Drinker
This non-electric automatic waterer draws its water from below the frostline. The paddle-operated system fills the bowl on contact, and after the horse is finished, the water drains, leaving no opportunity for algae growth, dirt buildup, mosquito contamination, or freezing or stagnant water. The free-standing unit is available in insulated and non-insulated models, and with or without aluminum guards. From $339 and up. Bar-Bar-A, (800) 451-2230;

15. Nelson Waterer
This automatic water 700 series features four different models with no-rust, stainless steel or aircraft-grade aluminum housings. Choose from wall-mounted or free-standing options with 13- to 16-inch drinking bowls. The patented, weight-activated value ensures a constant supply of fresh water without troublesome floats or paddles. Other options include an electric heater and water-consumption monitors. Available factory-direct from $250 to $650; (888) 844-6606; Nelson Manufacturing Company;

16. High Noon Easy Feeder II
This battery-operated, automatic feeder is made with 20-gauge galvanized steel and comes fully assembled with a programmable timer that dispenses feed of all kinds—hay, pellets, supplements, cubes or grain—up to six times a day. The feeder can be mounted in a stall, corral or pasture, and a powder-coated finish is available. $1,699. High Noon Products, (800) 231-3115;

17. Stable Grazer Generation II Feeder
Stable Grazer’s automatic hay/grain feeder provides up to six feedings a day. The battery-operated unit features digital-clock programming, a one-piece cabinet/manger and drop-down door, and accepts both solid and loose flakes. Optional attachments are available to dispense grain and supplements. MSRP $2,295. Stable Grazer, (800) 732-1654;

18. Pro-Tech Insect Control System
Pro-Tech’s Model SS 50 comes standard with a ¹⁄³-horsepower motor, brass pump and a programmable timer with battery backup. The Pro-Tech Model SS 50 automated spray system dispenses insecticide for up to 50 nozzles. Features include a float-activated shut-off switch, which turns the unit off when the drum is empty, low-reservoir indicator light and stainless steel, liquid-encased pressure valve for reliable pressure measurement. Product comes standard with a two-year warranty. Contact Pro-Tech for pricing at (800) 776-5005, or visit  

19. Pyranha Misting System
Pyranha’s automatic barn-misting system for insect control features all required hardware and chemicals for a typical four-stall barn, including a solid-state, 24-hour programmable timer, ½ horsepower electric motor, 140-gph pump, 55-gallon drum, eight nozzles, 160 feet of tubing, and one 2 ½-gallon refill. The system uses Pyranha 1-10 HP concentrated insecticide for protection against flies, midges, mosquitoes and other pests, and can be expanded to protect up to 50 stalls. MSRP $1,233.31. Pyranha Insecticides, (800) 231-2966;

20. Mighty Mule Gate Opener
The Mighty Mule 350, a one-piece, automatic gate opener, is made for single-swing gates up to 16 feet in length or up to 550 pounds. The low-voltage system, which uses a 12-volt automotive or marine-type battery, is remote-activated and solar compatible, and features UL-approved, obstruction-sensing technology. Each unit provides up to 175 cycles per day and up to 1,500 back-up cycles on a charged battery. From $319 and up. Mighty Mule, (800) 543-GATE;

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