Here's a quick look at some handy items that any horseman could put to use. These items have not been tested by the Western Horseman staff. These are simply press releases about new items on the market.

Valtra’s A Series tractors are now available with Tier 3 emissions-compliant engines that are both environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

ImageThe new Tier 3 engines feature an air-to-air intercooler and a smaller, more efficient air filter, which, according to the company, “ensures that both cooling systems receive the maximum amount of fresh air for more complete fuel combustion and reduced emissions.” Four-wheel-drive models also feature electro-hydraulic activation and automatically activated four-wheel braking.

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E-Z Up Stirrups have taken another step to make mounting and riding easier.

ImageThe company now offers a retrofit kit to add stirrup swivels to their existing Western stirrup extenders. The kit consists of one stirrup swivel with transition block. The set also has a stirrup swivel for the off side. According to E-Z Up, the  combination makes it easier to mount and relieves stress on knees and ankles.

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Sole-Guard is designed to protect the frog and sole of unshod horses.

ImageA liquid urethane material, Sole-Guard sets in about 30 seconds and, according to the maker, provides a durable, shock-absorbent support that retains its shape and flexibility. The liquid bonds to a horse’s hoof for up to three weeks and can be used to provide protection, support and comfort during trail riding.

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Building on the success of the company’s sheepskin saddle pad, ThinLine Inc. now offers a felt pad for Western riders.

The felt pad features the same open-cell foam construction as the sheepskin pad, that, according to the company, relieves Imagepressure points and decreases back stress. As was the case with its counterpart, the felt pad was designed to reduce impact on a rider’s lower back while still providing a close-contact feel for increased rider stability.

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Drivers looking to boost fuel efficiency can turn to Fuel Freedom International’s MPG-CAP organic engine conditioner caplets.

ImageA company press release touts tests by an independent lab that show the MPG-CAP improving an engine’s internal combustion process, thus increasing engine efficiency and power, while reducing harmful smog emissions. The MPG-CAPs must be used in specific quantities based on fuel-tank capacity and are sold in packages of 10.

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Weaver Leather’s new line of Durango Cowboy tack items features hair-on hide accents for a true Western flair.

ImageThe tack line includes breast collars, headstalls, nosebands and spur straps (pictured) made from durable russet harness leather. The items showcase stainless steel Horse Shoe Brand hardware and conchos designed by Jeremiah Watt. Nickel-brass spots accent select products in the Durango Cowboy line.

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