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Since 1927, Resistol has proudly made hats from fur to finish in the U.S. But now, the passionate hatters of Resistol also bring you apparel and outerwear.

Hats Off to You

Resistol always had cowboys in mind for their hats. Rain, snow, sleet– the work never stops no matter the weather. Cowboys need a hat that can endure. So came Resistol, from the phrase “resist-all weather.”

Cowboys then and now choose Resistols, from the greats like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Hoss Cartwright to the modern cowboys of Luke Branquino, the Wright family, and Kelsey Thomas.

“Resistols are tough, I can prove that,” says Kelsey Thomas, two-time World’s Greatest Horsewoman, with a laugh. She explains her hat acts as a helmet from time to time, especially when she’s chasing cattle through the Texas brush or putting first rides on a snorty colt.

Resistol prides itself on its American heritage. It is the only cowboy hat to be made from fur to finish in the United States.

A few honorable mentions include the George Strait Collection, “where the King of Country meets the King of Hats” and the Cody Johnson by Resistol, which can be worn from the stage to the roping box.

And to answer the never-ending question, a ten-gallon hat fits three quarts.

A Coat Cut From the Same Cloth

Just like their hats, Resistol has put the same value into their new lines of apparel.

Resistol 1927 is an all-American made line of shirts that draw inspiration from the hard work and determination of cowboys and ranchers, past to present.

Key highlights of Resistol Outerwear include the Virgil Coat, a dark 100% genuine leather coat with Western yoke stitch details and sherpa lining for extra warmth, and the Wyatt Vest, a light 100% genuine leather vest with Western yoke stitching and a satin lining for a rugged, yet dressy look.

Resistol by Gameguard offers flexible and lightweight shirts for those summer roping jackpots or warm evening practices. You can swing a rope without ever breaking a sweat because of the four-way mechanical stretch and wicking properties of the shirts.

Resistol’s series of vests, jackets, and shirts are made for cowboys, by cowboys. Resistol prides itself on the durability and versatility to go from doctoring cattle to date night, starting colts to staying out, branding to breakfast, or fixin’ fence to fine dining.

Choose the brand that will keep up with your cowboy lifestyle at www.resistol.com.


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