There’s something for everyone in the family at Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch in scenic British Columbia, where you can ride mountain trails to your heart’s content.


</MCC PHOTOTABLE> No matter how seasoned a trail rider you might be, don’t discount a guest-ranch experience as one strictly for novice riders or city folk. For many who spend their spare time horseback, “riding”and “vacation”are the operative words, and nobody combines the two better than the Beckley family, who own and operate Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch near Cranbrook, in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

April and Jeff, and their grown sons, Tyler and Jesse, have years of guest-ranch and horse industry experience, and know what contributes to a memorable riding vacation north of the border. Not only a guest ranch, Three Bars also is a working cattle operation and home to a top reining-horse training facility. The region offers other sporting opportunities and tourist attractions, as well.

Consider the great trail riding available at Three Bars-about 35,000 acres worth in the Canadian Rockies, more than enough country for die-hard trail enthusiasts. Then think about how well the outfit can fulfill vacation objectives for everyone in the family, even the youngsters or the spouse who doesn’t ride.

Yes, some of those area attractions and activities cost extra. But before assuming a guest-ranch stay is beyond your budget, understand that your weeklong stay includes comfortable log-cabin housing, bountiful meals, horses to ride and a host of entertainment opportunities at no additional charge and right at the ranch. All things considered, you might well discover a guest-ranch riding vacation is appealing in several respects.

For the rest of this story, pick up the February 2007 issue of Western Horseman.

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