Five suppliers of cowboy tents and bedrolls offered a quick look at the available options for those products in our June print edition. But there's more to a camping trip than a tent and a bedroll-especially today where modern gadgets abound.


While there's any number of technological wonders that many campers believe they couldn't live without, here's a look at five low-tech items that will go along way toward making your camp feel like home.

1. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware from Big Bend Saddlery. The 10-inch dutch oven retails for $48.95 and offers a 4-quart capacity.

2. Roll-A-Cot from Buckstitch Canvas. This cot eliminates the uncomfortable end bars of standard cots. The cot can support up to 250 pounds.

3. Cylinder Stoves from David Ellis Canvas Products. A backcountry veteran, David Ellis says, "Cylinder stoves have been the best tent stove for the money that I've found, and countless outfitters would agree.

4. The Drop Point Hunter Knife from Tips Western. The cutlery-grade, high-carbon steel blade can handle anything along the trail.

5. Water Bucket from Sheridan Tent and Awning. Made from 18-ounce canvas, the bucket is collapsible and can serve any number of uses.

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