Winning eight Women's Professional Rodeo Association world championships wasn't a fluke for Arizona roper Kim Williamson. The all-around cowgirl has claimed championships in calf roping, team roping heading, team roping heeling and breakaway roping. She's also won the WPRA's all-around crown.


In addition to her own roping career, Kim has helped hundreds of clinic participants improve their own roping skills. Here, she offers five quick tips for becoming more competitive in the roping arena.

1. Get Mentally Prepared. You have to believe in yourself. If you don't, nobody else will."

2. Establish Positive Training Sessions. Go into practice sessions with specific goals in mind. Do whatever you can to accomplish those goals and feel good about yourself when the day's done.

3. Have Patience. This applies to both yourself and your horse. Again, establish goals and find ways to work toward those goals.

4. Know Your limits. Learn to recognize when you need to push yourself just a little further. But also recognize when practice sessions become counterproductive.

5. Believe in Your Ability to Win. Win, lose or draw, you should always believe you are a winner-in life, love and faith.

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