The November 2012 issue featured a unique shot of steer wrestler Billy Bugenig of Fortuna, California. He made a run at a muddy Oakdale, California, rodeo. We caught up with Billy at the 2012 National Finals Rodeo to hear him describe the run.

How photographer William Mancebo described the run:

“It rained hard for the entire week preceding the 62nd annual Oakdale Rodeo,” says photographer William Mancebo. “I knew going in that the arena would be mired with mud, and I was more than excited to once again cover the event. This time I was really after steer wrestling because I knew it would be quite a spectacle. As I later edited my work, this shot of Billy Bugenig truly stood out. The matching squint in his and the steer’s eyes gave the appearance that they were in this together, and the reflections of light and water reminded me of a surfing photo.”

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