Boxing, fencing and ranch work classes take a fresh approach by using 3D and 4D formats to give competitors a better chance at winning a check.

The American Paint Horse Association will be cutting checks this July at their Youth World Championship Show for the Western Horseman Fence and Boxing Challenge. The all-breed event, which is July 5–6, will run similar to a barrel race in that it utilizes a 4D format. From non-pros to professionals, all the scores are organized and split in a way that gives riders the chance to bring home a check. Now in its second year, the challenge will include fencing, boxing and steer stopping classes, and offer $5,000 in added money overall.

With the divisional formats, each class will be divided into three or four divisions split up by a 5-point spread relative to the horse that scored the combined highest during the two days of showing. For example, if the top horse in the fence work marked a 73 the first day and a 72 the second day, the combined score would be 145. The 1D division would include horses that scored a 141 to 145, the 2D would consist of scores between a 140 and 136, and so forth down to the 3D or 4D bracket. Checks of equal value will be awarded to the top finishers in each division.

New to the youth world show is the all-breed Ranch Work Championship on July 7, which will also split into timed divisions. It will run in a 3D format and have $10,000 added—$1,750 added, plus a $1,000 average award, in each division. The championship classes consist of ranch roping, ranch cow work, ranch cutting and ranch work, which will be a patterned obstacle course.

American Paint Horse Association Director of Business Kurt Crawford says the format is an enticing opportunity for horsemen of any skill level because if they don’t have to win the class to win money. He’s also excited because the two all-breed events will draw spectators and riders, and hopes they will stay to enjoy the other Paint horse competitions.

For more information and entry forms for the Fence and Boxing Challenge and the Ranch Work Championship, visit The pre-entry deadline is June 29.



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