The buckaroo knot, also called a square knot, is one of several ways to tie a wild rag. Wild rags keep riders warm and dry in the winter, and they’re also a fun way to spice up an outfit. While there is no wrong way to tie a wild rag, the buckaroo knot, also known as the four square knot, is one of the more popular choices.

“When I go to a show, I tie a lot of buckaroo knots for people,” says Amy Mundell who owns and operates The Brand Wild Rags out of San Juan Bautista, California. “You also see people tie them in front, and that is more for style. Or you can roll it up, wrap it around your neck and tie in front, and that’s intended to keep you warm. Wild rags are very versatile.”

Learn to tie the buckaroo knot by watching the video and following along with these step-by-step instructions. Start by folding the wild rag in half and draping it around your shoulders with a “tail” on each side.

Step 1: Make a “pistol” with your left hand.

Step 2: Wrap the left tail of the wild rag in front of the “barrel” once, and lock it down with your thumb.

Step 3: Take the right tail behind the left tail, and flip it up over your forearm. Be sure to keep the fabric in between the barrel of your fingers and the left tail.

Step 4: Reach for the right tail and pull it to the right.

Step 5: Place the right tail over the left and pinch it with the barrel fingers.

Step 6: Pull the right tail through the loop surrounding the barrel and tighten.

Step 7: Finish the knot by pulling on both tails and adjusting the folds to create a clean square.


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